When the Purified Water was Left in a Car Under the Heat of Sun

This was the story. I left home going to the nearby province. I was in a hurry that I forget to bring a bottle of water to drink. I took a stop at gasoline station and bought a liter. The Select Purified Drinking Water. It is not a popular brand but it tasted like most variants out there. And I have not seen one of these sold by street vendors.

select purified drinking waterThe taste was perfectly normal after getting out of the chiller, consuming one third of the contents and before I left it in car and the car was parked under the heat of sun forĀ  several hours. After, it tasted like the one I usually bought in bus.

I couldn’t explain and describe clearly how it taste. It was not bad though. It was something that I only experience whenever I am in a bus going home. As for the cause, perhaps the heat was forcing some polymer components into water.


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