Markings / Symbols for Handling of Package Food


In designing of carton packaging for your finish products. It is very important to know the handling processes that it will undergo. From manufacturing to tracking to wholesaler and to retailer, the goods will be handled by different persons. They never know the nature of your products and improper handling can lead to damage and losses.

We don’t want this to happen so we must know what symbols to print on packaging to prevent mishandling.

International Markings For Handling of Goods:

  1. Use No Hooks/ Do Not Puncture
  2. Keep Dry
  3. Fragile / Handle with Care
  4. This side up/ This way up / Do not tilt
  5. Sling here
  6. Center of Balance
  7. Do not Tumble/ Do Not Drop
  8. Heavy Weight/ This End



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