They Gave Free Diced Peaches

On consumers point of view buying an expired food is a no no. Using one nearing expiry is in question. We are asking ourselves several times if it is safe or not. Asking other for its safety if couldn’t decide.

On manufacturer’s side, expiry date is just an indication to tell the consumer that a certain product might not be at its best at specified date, not necessarily unsafe to eat. Food expiry, or best before date, is set long before the real expected life is reached. It might still last significantly longer if handled properly, have a shorter life otherwise.

In case package good nearing its expiry came directly from manufacturer, given to consumer, assuring it is still safe to eat, anyone will gladly accept it without hesitation. Perhaps try to take more than what is given.

These diced peaches were given out for free during the recently concluded Food and Drink Asia 2013. The reason, they were production surplus. Given one day before expiry. It still taste like peaches. I am still very well after eating several packages.

dice peaches in light syrup diced peaces best before date dole yellow cling diced peaches

This reminds me of expired sandwich spread brought to us by my mother-in-law. It was several months past its dated expiry but the manufacturer assured its safety.


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