Implementation of Generic Barcode for Food Package

If generic packaging could be implemented to a ranged of product. Then a generic barcoding could be applicable too. I do not mean one barcode for several products, instead, putting all the needed barcodes to a single generic package. Here is one perfect example. A corrugated box of fruit juice drink. A single box that could be fitted with three flavor variants, the orange crush, lemon squeeze and pomelo grapefruit. There are circles that corresponds to every code. The packer should be careful enough to check the right oblong. On the other hand, the one handling the scanner should point his device to the correct lines. Either way, simple mistake could result to a huge mess.

Putting several barcodes to a single package requires a lot of space. It could not be possibly use for small packages such as sachets and piso packs. You might consider the idea if your package have ample of space.

three barcodes in one corrugated box


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