Opening The Unscrewable Cap

Sometimes, opening a screw cap container is a real pain. The machine capper placed it on tightly, the last bottle user recapped it with considerable force or the opener’s hand is slippery due to oil or other oil like substance. No matter what the cause, here are possible ways to help you open the pain-causing bottle.

The Knife. Often, the crowns are equipped with a tamper proof mechanisms. It can be put on safely without damage. However, the mechanism will be left behind if someone tries to open the package.

Wine and medicine bottles have aluminum crowns with this feature. Chances are, the mechanism or the lower lid won’t break after several turns. Then it cannot be removed no matter how many times the crown is turned.

Get a sharp knife or a saw knife and carefully cut the portion attaching the lower lid to cap.

Mightier hand. Are you a girl? If yes, go and find a prince charming. Let him open the bottle for you. A man? Find another way to open it. Perhaps another man manlier than you.

Dry cloth. Is your hand slippery? Or the cap is slippery? Grab a piece of dry cloth. Wrap it around the cap before the attempt.

Scissors. Notice the toothed part in between handles of multi-purpose scissors? The feature is intended for opening hard to open caps. I was a complete noob and discovered it only by accident.

Pliers. No multi-purpose scissors available? Get a clean pliers from the toolbox. It is very effective in turning off small to medium caps.

If all things failed. Go to grocery and buy another package.


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