Glass Jar Should be Stored in Inverted Position after Packing

Whenever I read a procedure of food preservation that involves packing of finish product into glass jar, they always forgot to mention this one.

The common finishing procedures are: pack hot and cool immediately or pack, pasteurize the seal completely. Then cool (maybe done in water bath for additional microbial shock) and label.

After the above mentioned procedure, the jars should be stored on inverted position for at least weak. If you are using a long neck bottles, you gonna have a little problem doing this. You can build a custom made rack just for this purpose.

Is inverting necessary?

I gonna say yes! After a week of inverted storage. Inspect your goods and your going to see some leakage from time to time. These leaks are due to improper capping, damaged cap or broken glass lids. Those bottles with leaks are rejects and have a shorter shelf life. Weeding them out will save you from costly product RECALL.


However, inversion method cannot be applied to gelled products such as jams, jellies and marmalades. This might destroy their physical appearance.

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