Where to Buy Generic Laminated Pouches with One-Way Valve Feature?

Laminated pouches and cans with one-way valve feature are well suited as coffee packaging. The feature prevents entry of gasses from outside environment but allow exits of internal accumulating air.

A freshly roasted coffee should be let stand, at least overnight, with loose cover. It is essential to bent off the accumulating carbon dioxide. Packing it immediately will likely to result in a bloated package. The valve feature removes both the hassle of waiting and package bloating.

I was wrong to think both package types were not available here in our country. I just saw laminate samples which came from:

Afdell Packaging Solutions, Inc
725 Ilaya St., Brgy 268, Zone 25, San Nicolas, Manila
Tel. Nos. 244-4049, 309-3216
Telefax No. 242-9114

afdell packaging solutions incIt is a generic packaging, no label. I never know more info. Please inquire to above contact. However, I am very sure it can be procured in low quantities. Enough reason for you to try and eventually use the appropriate coffee packaging.

generic laminated pouchone way valve laminated pouch



  • pwede po bang malaman kung magknu ang per piece ng coffee bag w/ valve 250 g ilan po ang minimum order?

  • hi! thanks for buying with us. (Afdell Packaging)
    we would like to inform you that were also accepting made to order coffee / pouch with your own logo..

    we also have other branch in paranaque.
    Sucat Packaging & Plastic Center
    7888 Ninoy Aquino Ave., Sucat Paranaque NEAR Dampa ACROSS olivarez Plaza.


    • thanks! that information would be very helpful.

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