The Low Quality But Free Drinking Cup

I have been thinking why the water often taste bad. Sometimes it is good but frequently it is indeed bad.

Maybe the water itself is to blame. Our water source is a small spring water from several kilometers away. Being stored in steel tank and driven by gravity through series of GI pipes. The thrift trick works as our place is on lower altitude than water source. It sure need a powerful pump otherwise. Enough for small talk and time to figure out the source of bad tasting water.

It’s the spring maybe. Nature natural occurrence. Animal pooping on the water body. Someone is playing with it, washing laundry perhaps. What could I do if the cause is nature driven?

The water tank and pipe assembly. It already need cleaning but no one is kind enough to do the task. If no budget allotted or regular maintenance, then, there is no hope but find another safer water to drink.

Mama never fail cleaning our water jug nor changing the stock water every day. I am sure they are not to blame.

I think I know now. It is the plastic drinking cup. The water always taste bad when I am using it, but not when I’m using the others, the drinking glass and ceramic mug.

low quality plastic drinking cupsNo harm intended to Lactum and Disney. I think the cup is for single use. Use once and discard. Or, just a play item. The plastic has no identifying mark of any kind. I kicked one with moderate force and it crumbled to pieces. Two signs that it is made of low quality and perhaps recycled plastic. It is not meant to contain food. Not safe. Perhaps they need to choose a better material for their promo next time.


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