Manny's Face on Datu Puti Soy Sauce

My big boss and I were discussing about the label concept of a new product. The product was nearing its lunch and the label was needed as soon as possible. He wanted me to came up with the design with picture of hero on front. I never wanted his idea. The hero picture has nothing to do with the product. The picture use needs permission from authorities, securing such requires hard work and money. And, hero picture is very popular to junk foods with free action figures. Many customers will think that our product is just a lowly junk food.

In the end, I designed the label he wanted. It was presented to board and gained many criticisms. Sadly, I was blamed for it. They were so cruel!

This one is another packaging design that is against my theory. The picture of Pambansang Kamao – Manny Pacquiao is on front and back label of Datu Puti. I thought it was a pack of junk food with Manny Pacquiao action figure.

However, It was just my opinion. It might be good for eyes of others.

manny pacquiao on datu putin front

manny pacquiao on datu puti back

Datu Puti is our regular soy sauce. We transferred after the taste of Marca Pina soy sauce became inferior.


One Comment

  • Dear Sir,

    Your comment about switching from Marca Piña to another brand alarmed us. I can understand people switching because Marca Piña is not available. However, we encourage you to try Marca Piña soy sauce again. Although, we are not perfect, we promise you that we have continued to improve our products. In fact, we have the highest protein amongst our competitors. We are also one of the few companies that passed the recent FDA test. We have served the Philippine market for over 60 years. We want you back as our happy customer.

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