The Old and New Gatorade Logo

The previous gatorade logo. A large orange thunder, that extend from upper label to lower label margin, with a “Gatorade” word overlay. I am not sure about its calligraphy but it has similarity to Arial Narrow. Italicized and pointing upward, in reverse direction of thunder logo.

old and new gatorade logoThe new Gatorade logo. The large thunder logo becomes transparent and more vertical. It still extends from upper to lower label margin. It looks like a natural gap which break the label apart. It was barely noticeable to my eyes. Right beside the thunder is a large bold letter G with small orange thunder logo on the center. The word “GATORADE” is also written in all capital bold letters.

One major difference. The label color  changed from flavor to flavor. Making it  easily distinguishable even if bottle is empty.

A label makeover gives customers a fresh impression of the product. It may mean an improvement in flavor, additional health benefits or a total reformulation. Or, what has changed is only the packaging design and nothing else.

The following are my impression after several buys.

1) No changed in flavor occurred, or my taste buds were not sensitive enough to notice it.

2) The beverage is not an energy drink. Its main purpose is to replenish the body’s lost electrolyte. Its an electrolyte replenisher in short. However, the large orange thunder logo gives the impression that it is indeed an energy drink. Making the large thunder logo transparent, somewhat removes that wrong perception.

3) The smaller “orange thunder” represents the electrolyte thingy.

4) The bold letters used for “G” and “GATORADE” represents stability, rather than flash effect of the previous design. We all know that a flash of thunder is high in energy but never last.


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