The Old and New Wilkins Label Design

Water is basically colorless. A clean water is crystal clear but may act like a mirror that mimics any image on front. The  wide sea is a large mirror the mimics the  color of clear blue sky during nice sunny day. It appears blue from apart but crystal clear in close range.  A very refreshing weather and water to bath with. That is the very reason behind why label of most bottled water is color blue and the water bottle itself is crystal clear..

Wilkins distilled drinking water label has always been blue. However the label is not as refreshing as it seems. The letter “W” is enclosed in a tank 2/3 full with water. The rest of the letters extends outside the enclosure. Image of a happy family is prominent on the right side. Safe for the family seal informs the consumers of product safety. The blue background looks like a large flowing water body.

old wilkins label designThe new logo. The rectangular water tank was removed and the letter “W” became more fluid.   The two rings underneath the letter gives an animated water effect. It seems floating above water surface, which is represented by the blue label background. The family endorser was replaced by a nicely drawn water drop with the slogan, “safe for the family”.

new wilkins label designThe new design looks simpler and nicer.


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