Online Database System to Augment Product Labelling

If a customer has gadget capable of internet access and reading products barcode or any other black code it may have. He can scan it and product information will be displayed . Indeed, information about the good is already written legibly on the label. However, it may not be sufficient for your curios mind. You may want other useful information like manufacturer history , a more detailed nutrition facts and definitions of every listed ingredients.

Internet services are becoming more and more affordable. Area coverage is becoming wider and wider. It is going to cover the whole Philippine archipelago sooner or later. Producers of internet capable technologies are competing very hard. Thanks to it, owning one or two has never been easy. Get one now and subscribe to internet service. Ride with the tech boom.

There are more reason why food makers need to implement this feature and the more reasons customers need to read provided information. With a separate portal, anyone can get more detailed information on ingredient labeling, common names, technical information, safety issues, health and benefits. That is if he has enough time to read or he intend to. Smart consumer does even if it is time consuming.

Know promptly if the specific product is under recall. Grocery owners and distributors might not be very obedient to follow authorities orders, thus, leaving goods under recall on shelves. Buying unsafe product could be avoided if the information is within reach. Product recalls are broadcasted on television, radio, newspapers and websites. You may still miss it despite of its wide coverage.

Serving suggestions and recipes. If the label is large enough, one or two recipes may fit in. The feature is a great help to customers and more help could be offered if more recipes pop up once the barcode is scanned. Helping mothers prepare variety of dishes to his family. A great selling point that could gather more customers.

Company information. Certificate such as license to operate, iso standard, GMP, HACCP are passports for gaining consumer trust. Perhaps the company is not complying if no information is provided. A video and picture presentation of processing area may also be added.

A product review could be posted readily by consumers. A warning to others not buy it in case bad. On manufacturers point of view, it is nice way to get information for product research and development. We see this trick used my many online stores, including PC and gadget software such as Google Play and Windows Store.

Product update. Sudden or temporary change of ingredients used with a valid reason of course. The company moved to other location. Applied an improved processed. A buy-one-take-one and price-cut promo. We hope the latter happen frequently.

More information such as proper storage and spoilage description. There is no more guessing if it is spoiled in case the food state is in question. There came a time when my grandfather tasted the yellowed milk to know if it was still fit to drink. Too bad, it was spoiled. He promptly spitted it out, drank water and spitted until the bad taste ceased.

I remember it now Nestle implemented this campaign. Not sure about its current status though. Never seen their commercial for years now. Never tried it either.


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