Choosing Between Permanent and Replaceable Shrink Wrap Label

Popular soft drink bottles have indelible labels. They are hard and permanent. Made to withstand rough handling, repeated washing and refilling.  Coke, Pepsi, Royal True Orange, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Sprite, 7-Up and the likes have permanent labels. I tried removing a label when I was a kid with no success. I was not allowed to use any sharp object that time so I have never tried scraping it.

On the contrary, Sting Energy Drink incorporates a replaceable shrink wrap label. Replaceable every refilling process. It is an energy drink but marketed to compete popular soft drink brands.

three soft drinks bottleStrong points… permanent label. If I am not mistaken, glasses are painted with bake-on type glass paint then baked for a more permanent print.

1)  Remove the hassle of repeated labeling.  Label once and use it repeatedly until it became ugly and unreadable. It is strong and will withstand long repeated washing.

2)  Prevent other manufacturer from using your very own bottle.  Collecting Coke bottles and covering the print with sticker or shrink wrap label is ridiculous. I have never seen anyone doing such.

3) Requires a high investment but may saves a lot in the long run if a bottle retrieval system is done efficiently.

4) Removes one section from the processing line, the labeling part.

5) Prevents tampering. The reason is a little related to number “2”.

Strong points… replaceable shrink wrap label. A shrinkable plastic with print is placed on bottle then passed through a heated oven to make a snug fit.

1)  Replaceable. It ensures a new good looking label every refilling process.  Permanent label tends to get ugly over time.

2)  Low cost. Use only one bottle design for multiple products or flavors.  Sting initially launched with two variations, red and yellow. They released Malunggay flavor later. All three are using only one bottle design.  On the contrary, a Coke bottle is cannot be filled with Royal True Orange.


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  • Shrink wrap labels are most popular methods to labeling on bottles and it’s use many industry…

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