Mandatory Food Labeling Requirements, Philippines

Here are the list of mandatory food label information. Nutrition labeling is not yet mandatory. Some food commodities may have different regulation, see Philippine FDA website.

Name of the Food
The name shall indicate the true nature of the food and shall normally be specified and not generic…

List of Ingredients
A complete list of ingredients shall be declared in descending order of proportion on either the principal display panel or information panel except that when a food product is covered by a Food Standard, only the optional ingredients shall be declared unless otherwise required by such regulation…

Net Contents and Drained Weight
The net content shall be declared using the metric system of measurement or “SI” (International System of Units) on either the principal display panel or the information panel and in line generally parallel to the base of the package…

Name and address of Manufacturer, Packer and Distributor
The name and address of either the manufacturer, packer or distributor of the food shall be declared on the label…

Lot Identification
The lot identification code shall be embossed or otherwise permanently marked on immediate individual packages or containers.

Read the rest of the document here.

Administrative Order No. 88-B s. 1984 . Rules and regulations Governing the labeling of prepackaged Food Products Distributed in the Philippines


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