PET Bottles Are Made From Agricultural Waste

The first packaging for  softdrinks and juices was glass bottle. The packaging is inert, resistant to heat and chemical reactions. No migration of packaging components to  food occurs. It is the widely acceptable food package.

For the disadvantages. 1) Glass is very fragile. Handle it with care whenever and wherever or it will break to pieces. 2) Broken glass pieces are sharp and dangerous. and 3) Far heavier compared to plastic counterpart.

The introduction of PET bottles (polyethylene terephthalate) revolutionized the production of larger capacity softdrinks, the 1.5 and 2 liter bottles. It also became popular for purified drinking water, instant tea, juices and other instant beverages.

PET bottles are lightweight  and very resistant to breakage. It resist rough handling conditions. It won’t break unless the person intended to do so.

PET bottles can be recycled but not as food package. Hmm… I was wrong because household vinegar producers are using it as container.  I mean they are not intended for reuse, not reusable. They are not designed to withstand sterilization temperature.  I have never seen any dealer collecting PET bottles for reuse for softdrinks, junk shops are collecting them instead. pepsi logo

PepsiCo announced its new line of sofdrink pet bottles, made from agricultural waste such as switchgrass, pine bark and corn husks. Bottle properties are similar to PET – the petroleum based PET but it has low carbon footprints. It has the advantage because it is 100 percent recyclable . The company also plan to  produce bottle from orange peels, orange seeds and oat hulls.

Does recyclable mean, it can be reused again as beverage bottle? Or can be used for any purposes except as food bottles. How about the inertness? Is it resistant to chemical reactions? Is there any migration of packaging components to contents?  Is it really environment friendly? They are planning to launched the package this year 2012. It should be tested thoroughly before release to public.

I am hoping that they can also make a human friendly version of their own softdrinks!


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