Recycling The Polypropylene Cup Noodles

I am not a cup noodles fan but I feel like having one whenever I see someone enjoying a hot cup. It is very tempting specially in early sleepy morning.

It is morning. I feel sleepy. It feels like something is inviting me to take a good nap. Sister is eating a hot cup noodles while I am eating my breakfast. I still feel sleepy so I buy a cup noodles hoping it will deter my sleepiness for a while and allow me to do my important works.

I haven’t bought cup noodles for a while. The last time I remember was during the birth of our youngest daughter. The quick way to fill our tummy while in hospital was to buy prepared food from nearest karinderya, buy breads and biscuits, or get some cup noodles.

two nissin cup noodlesWhile eating, I notice the cup is unusually hard. I get it, it is not a plastic laminated paper. It is not like the previous disposable paper version, the likes of disposable paper lunch boxes and cups. This cup is made of PP, polypropylene plastic. A stable and heat resistant plastic polymer that can be reused repeatedly.

So the next thing to do is do the cleaning. Remove the remnants of aluminum cover, wash and dry.

unclean cup noodle brimThe cup noodles is 22 pesos. Of course this include the cost of hot water filled by the seller. Stackable, you don’t have to worry regarding storage in case you have plenty of empty package. Has indelible print, be ready to advertise NISSIN to yourself every time you use the cup. Has a grilled brim, this makes the cup more sturdy and allows ease of carrying even if the content is hot.

clean stacked pp noodles cupup side dowan pp cup noodles

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  1. i punch these cups in the bottom with hot wire heated while boiling my hot water and use these cups as reusable propagation pots for any plant cuttings. when my plants are ready for transplanting they easily come off the cup because of the smooth finish in the inside.

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