Carl's Microwavable Pork Rind Chicharon

Cooking instructions:

1. Transfer pork rind/ chicharon pellets to the paper bag provided inside. * DO NOT USE OR INCLUDE FOIL/PLASTIC CONTAINER.

packed chicharon and paper bagpork rind in paper bagchicharon foil and pe bag2.  Fold the end of paper bag three times, about one inch per fold.

chicharon paper bag folded3. Set the microwave oven at the middle-highest temperature setting between 3 to 6 minutes depending on microwave wattage. For 800 watts, 2-4 minutes; for 700 watts, 4-6 minutes. (check microwave oven wattage)

4. Adjust the time in case of over/under cooking. Sprinkle with salt, flavor or seasoning.


The thick multilayered foil is one of the best and yet cost-effective packaging for food sensitive to rancidity. It is not suitable in microwave so a separate paper for  cooking is provided.

carl's pork rind chicharonI guess deep oil frying can be done if microwave is not available.

Its an assurance of a newly cooked chicharon. The oil resistant paper provided and the microwave method of cooking are very convenient.

pork chicharon in oil resistant paper bagcooked pork rind chicharonThe words “export quality” and “no preservatives added” are somewhat too old and have no impact to most consumer. Pork rind itself has a bad reputation, persons avoiding or prohibited from eating such are hard to convince.

The 75 grams raw contents has 8% total fat, in which 9% is saturated, and 7% sodium. The value is not surprising considering it is a pork rind added with pork oil and salt.

The expiry date is a stick-on tag that is very convenient to implement, and perhaps easy to tamper by not so good hearted sellers. I am hoping they could implement indelible expiry date printing soon.

The claimed “tender and crunchy” is subjective. It is, provided that optimum cooking time and temperature are met.

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