Pouch Bulging Experiment | The Update

From May 27, 2012 up to October 27, 2012. My aluminum pouch bulging experiment has been going on for five months now. I think the time is enough and this little crazy thing can be terminated.  A slight bulging was noticeable after two months, and now an obvious bulge is evident.

pouches dated may 27 2012

three bulged pouches

I got the three pouches and pressed each. All became hard perhaps due to air build-up. Storing the packages for longer time might result to untoward event. Bulging might continue and results to explosion.

Got a scissors and opened the packages. The vinegar appearance is still good as new, the smell is as good as new. Not sure about the taste. I am not going to taste it. I am declaring it not safe for consumption.

two separate flexible strips

The aluminum layer in metal strips is almost gone completely resulting to separation of inner and outer printed layer.  Numerous dots are observed on inner container. Remember that I scratched it with pointed knife to simulate pinholes.

vinegar in pouch

Sorry! My camera is not powerful and unable to capture the numerous dots. 

A defective container really causes bulging.

Note: Plus King Size and related products has nothing to do with the experiment. The results do not reflect product quality either. 


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