Thinkering With Yet Another Low Quality PET Bottle

low quality pet bottlesMy hand is telling me the wall is too thin. The cracking sound when my hand presses it further signifies my doubt. Some bottles have evident deformation even before touching my hand. Deformations are mostly near the silkscreen label. Silk-screening is a manual labeling operation that might have caused deformities.

It reminds of the kind I used to buy from Divisoria, Manila. It was of the same build. Thin walls with lid imperfections. However, the bottles in front of me now has better lid quality that enables prevention of water leaks.

I am also guessing it cannot tolerate hot temperature. I removed the bottle cap. Place the bottle on kitchen sink. Poured a recently boiled water in it. Voila! The bottle shrank to almost half of its size.

If you have the habit of leaving bottled water inside your car. Bottle shrinkage is likely to happen, as well as migration of its components to water which is destined to go inside your body.


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