Sticker Paper and Inkjet Printer Solution

photo paper sticker

Food business start-up is easy. You can find countless of recipes and startup tips online that only require few hundred to thousand pesos. Prepare the choice inĀ  breeze and test sell to neighbors and friends.

Then the hard part comes in. The recipe is almost perfect. You wanna produce more and widen your market a little. Of course, you need a proper packaging and labeling, protecting it from contamination and spoilage, making it presentable and able to sell itself.

If you have the means, it is easy. Just ask help from packaging company or institution and they are very willing to assist you. If you are short on budget, then a little of creativity might do.

You basically need two things. Packaging solution and labeling solution.

What packaging do you need? Glass bottle, plastic bottles, polypropylene bags, aluminum pouches, metalized foil, wine bottles. Name it and you’ll find it somewhere near. is just click away. Now, Facebook is becoming a great entrepreneurial resource. Be patient searching and you gonna find what you need.

A little reminder, be sure your choice of package and food you process are compatible.

Next is label. If you go ask the printing press, then he’ll talk you ten thousand pieces and more. Not a wise decision for small time product lunch. One hundred to two hundred a month would not cover the label cost in a year. Not to mention if there is a need for revision or you never need the label at all. Two product variants make headache double. For the time being, ordinary paper/sticker paper and inkjet printer will do. Every piece is a bit pricey but you still saving money by making only what you need.

photo paper sticker

Possibilities are endless.


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