Our Next Set of Tabliya Labels Arrived

What you see in the picture are the next batch of tabliya labels. Just arrived from the affordable and reputable source.

packs of tablea labels

A brief description.

The package came in group of ten. Wrapped in ordinary white paper. Each pack contains 1,000 paper labels. I had to wrap each  pack with a used vacuum type plastic to protect it from moisture or literally water. We have been experiencing water sipping through walls during typhoons and long rainy seasons.

The plastic protection will certainly not protect it from sharp rodent’s teeth. Our dependable black cat is  in-charge of rat hunting. So that won’t be a problem.

The label size is about as big as half bond paper, letter size, with the same thickness. The back is slightly glossy. The front is printed with my very own design. Four colors printing, the CMYK. Laminated with thin transparent plastic for added strength and smudge resist. The surface is fairly resistant to glue which makes packing operation harder.

Upon opening the label package, it should be wrapped again or secured with a weight (e.g. books, piece of wood). Each paper will curl into a pipe-like structure if left in open or unsecured.

To use, the label is wrapped around a group ten tabliya tablets. Glued with ordinary white glue. Then round edges are fold, the traditional and good looking six-folds, and glued with a hot melted glue stick.

The six-fold technique is a bit hard to master with bare hands. Expect a couple of waste before a successful fair looking wrap.


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