Problem, No Plastic Available as Tablyia Packaging

What is new in this November month? The plastic ban in whole Cavite Province! Goodbye to sando bags, drinking straws, styrofor lunch boxes, disposable coffee cups and the likes.

I was aware about ban’s date of implementation.  It was announced many times before the  date. Posters and flyers were distributed throughout the province. If authorities caught me using banned items. Then, there is no excuse. I have to pay the necessary fines and other penalties. Both merchants and consumers have no excuses. Both parties must obey.

Long before November, I asked my suki grocery about the polypropylene and polyethylene plastics intended for packing manufactured food items. The likes of banana chips, chicharon, potato crackers, toasted breads, repacked sugars and chichirya. Those are allowed according to her answer. It was a relief, the polypropylene I am using as inner tabliya packaging won’t be out of circulation.

Yesterday. I bought 30 kilograms sugar but wasn’t able to buy any tabliya polypropylene packaging. The grocery owner explained, those types are popular as street juices (samalamig) packaging and covered by the plastic ban.

Ouch! I thought it was okay. If I only secured a full copy of provincial ordinance, I should have known the fact that I will be facing this problem. I should have resolved this problem earlier.


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  • do you know where we can buy biodegradable or compostable plastic cups (22 ounce)? thanks.

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