The Tang and Nestea Litro Pack PET Bottles

These two plastic bottles have common denominators.

neastea and tang pet bottles

* They were both came from promo. Free items from buying certain juice brands. The smaller from Tang Litro Pack. The bigger was from Nestea Two Litro Pack. I think, Tang also released Two Litro Pack. It so happened that we were not able to catch its promo.

* They are both meant as juice preparation container. Each has its own instruction set.

* Both can be use as baon pack (juice on the go). Prepare the juice according to instructions. Cover it and you are ready to go. Please carry it carefully to avoid any spillage!

* Both are PET bottles. The same polymer type use for manufacturing softdrink and other ready-to-drink containers. Heat resistant in most cases but not meant for hot liquid. The Nestea Two Litro Pack has a reminder not to fill any hot liquid.

* As with my experience with PET bottles as storage of drinking water, it tend to impart off-taste to its contents after repeated use.

* I think, they should have manufactured PP, polypropelyne polymer instead. It is more resistant to scratches thus maintaining its elegance longer. More stable to heat and other substances and thus causing less off-taste problem.


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