The Thai Tea in Extra Tall Aluminum Can

This Thai Tea packaging looks different than the rest. In the sense that it looks like a stack of 2 regular beverage in cans. It thought it got a lot of fluid but its contents is a little less than medium Gatorade plastic bottle, 16 fluid ounce or 480 ml.

thai tea in aluminum canA regular Gatorade measures 500 ml and I am drinking it in a jiffy. While half of this 480 ml ice cold tea made me full. I turned it up-side-down after another two sessions. The beverage is too sweet and perhaps contain too much sugar carbo.

It is a Thai Tea. It never crossed my mined that such is a cloudy orange liquid. A color that matches the orange aluminum packaging. The cloudy color was unexpected since all the natural and artificial tea I drank before are all crystal clear. Opppsss! Not all! The tea served by fast food restaurant, “Karate Kid”, was also cloudy.

cloudy thai tea in drinking glassIts flavor was very familiar but it took me some time to figure it out. It is like a super-sweetened and ice-cold Milo or Ovaltine. And of course, the familiar tea taste is there.

Here are the Thai Tea ingredients: Brewed Thai Tea (Water, Thai Tea, FD&C Yellow No.6), Natural Cane Sugar, FullĀ  Cream Milk Powder, Non-Dairy Creamer (Corn Syrup Solids, Soy Bean Oil, Sodium Casseinate [a milk derivative]), Soy Lecithin.

thai tea ingredient  list

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