TimTam's Biscuit Pack | a late analysis

I took few shots but with no intentions of putting it to blog post.  I scanned it few days later and noticed some interesting features.

Normally, nutrition information is printed on packaging’s back panel. This pack has two, a detailed nutrition information on back panel and another excerpt legibly written on front with special designs. It tells the potential buyers some useful info without flipping the package around. It reminds the customers immediately about the energy, fat, saturated fat, sugar and sodium content of the product. It is also large enough and can be read with ease.

timtam front labeltimtam nutrition information exerpttimtam backpanel labelThe product counteracts the increasing popularity of sugar substitutes. The words “There is no sugar substitute for quality” are written on both ends. So it seems that artificial sweeteners tend to degrade quality of similar products. I am wondering how!

The sweet, milky and creamy biscuits are arranged in a plastic tray. Perhaps to protect the individual biscuits from breakage and sticking with each other.

It is evident that it went thru rough handling. The middle is broken upon package opening.

five milky creamy biscuitsThis Arnott’s TimTam White Biscuits came straight from Australia. A humble pasalubong by a balikbayan.

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