Types of Glass Containers


In general, there are five types of glass container:

Jar. A wide mouth glass container with no appreciable neck. Utensils of fingers maybe used for taking out the contents. Maybe used for liquid or dry products.

Bottle. A glass container with a long neck compared with the jar. Used for liquid products that can be poured.

Tumbler. Shaped like drinking glass. Both for liquid and dry products.

Jug. A large glass container with a capacity of about half gallon to one gallon and with a carrying handle. For liquid products.

Vials/Ampules. Small glass container for small quantities of food ingredients such as spices and colorants.




  • hi! can the list of packaging suppliers you gave consider small volume orders like 150pcs? do you have an idea how much would a 50ml (or smaller size if possible) glass jar costs? thank you so much!

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