Waxed Paper Cup, Before and Current

My first use of waxed paper cup was not a nice experience. Maybe it was just coincidence. I got low quality cup for hot coffee.

I got one wax paper cup with red and white vertical stripe design. Then filled it with hot steaming coffee from percolator. After a while, my skin became hot and unable to resist the increasing temperature. I placed it in hot platform and waited few minutes before holding it again. I must held it firmly to prevent it from falling, but the required pressure was enough deforming the brim.

While enjoying coffee, I felt an oily substance sticking to my lips. I inspected the hot beverage and found strange floating matter. The hot liquid was melting the wax coating. Wax is less dense than water so it floated and were sticking to my lips. What a nice waxed coffee! It was not enjoyable after all.

This coming November, all disposable sando bags, styrofor lunch boxes and cups will be out of circulation in whole province of Cavite. A provincial ordinance banning such products will be implemented. Merchants are starting to replace the first with reusable bags and the latter with paper cups, the waxed paper cups.

I really prefer using the styrofor cup when buying any hot beverage. It is sturdy, heat resistant and does not impart any off-flavor to hot coffee or tea. However, with the up-coming ordinance. I sure cannot get away from waxed paper cups.

Waxed paper cup, the present evaluation. There was a great improvement in this technology. No floating wax on my last cup. I was able to hold it firmly without hurting my skin. The current material is good heat insulator. It was also strong enough to withstand hand pressure.

paper cups

torn paper cup

Great! I hope there is no residual wax migration to any beverage type, hot or cold. I wish it is really biodegradable and helps lessen environmental waste problem.

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