Milk Chocolate in a Wrong Carton

This post was not written to cause any harm to the specified product. My wife is using this product and will continue using it.

She was taking Anmum when she was pregnant on our first baby. She is also taking the milk supplement now, our second expected baby. She tried both Anmum Materna Regular and Amnum Materna Chocolate. She disliked the latter flavor so she sticks to regular.

Lately, she bought Anmum Materna Milk in carton packaging. It’s a 400g pack, with inner laminated film and outer sturdy carton. She was surprised after transferring the content in another container. It was chocolate flavor. Confused, she inspected the label again and verified that she bought the right product with wrong content.

I was not complaining about the mistake. I was sure that it did not cause any harm. It was the same Anmum formulation but of different flavor. She never liked it but still managed drinking it uncomfortably.

I compared the film and carton package. Both had the same batch number – B13281B-13281. Best before date was indicated on carton, 24 FEB 2013, and the code ANMUMC was written on film. ANMUMC might be Annum Chocolate.

comparing anmum foil with carton labelI waited two weeks before posting this. I never heard any related news. Maybe it was just a rare isolated incident.


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  • Hi,

    We encountered the same issue today, August 19th.

    I usually buy my wife’s Anmum supply at a nearby grocery – Shopwise in Makati. But considering that I had to buy a new batch of prescription medicines for her pregnancy, I went straight to Mercury Drug and bought the Anmum Materna milk from them. At home, I was surprised when I opened the foil pack and it was a chocolate powder.

    I checked the packaging again and was sure that I got the right box. As I know that Anmum has 3 flavors – the original (vanilla, I think), chocolate and hazelnut. As I have been buying this product for several months now, I am pretty sure that the original doesn’t have label indicating the flavor. But the chocolate and hazelnut flavors were duly labeled in front of the box.

    When I saw your post as well as the picture, I noticed that the box was also bought from a Mercury Drug shop.

    Just thought of sharing to show that there were others out there that had the same experience.


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