Zest-O Quickchow Cup Noodles: Protested By Muslims Due To Mislabeling

A condemnation rally was held in Jolo, Sulu. The rally was attended by over 5,000 Muslims. They conducted the rally under heavy rain.

Why and what?

The Quickchow Quickie Cup Mami Nilagang Baka (beef flavor) Hot and Spicy variant was really a La Paz Batchoy. Perhaps many Muslims ate the err noodles.

The noodles are wrapped with printed paper label. When the label is removed, another label will appear indicating that it is La Paz Batchoy flavor. La Paz Batchoy is pork so its is a no no for Muslims. It was a clear evidence of deception.

quickie quickchow

They burned Zest-O products as protest. The food mislabeling was a disgraced to them and to their Halal law.

Zest-O Corporation was sued for Violation of Republic Act 3720 due to food mislabeling.

Product owner denied the accusation. What was written on the outer label was true and consistent with the conducted analysis.

The corporation might have surplus of La Paz Batchoy printed cup. They used it as container for beef flavor and wrapped it with separate paper label. Maybe they were just trying to save on expenses.

However, what was written on original labelĀ  was very convincing. Anyone seeing it would believed that he has been deceived.

Please never do the same thing next time!


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