Standard Specifications for Chicken / Table Eggs

How many of you don’t eat eggs? I guessed very few persons are not eating this very popular and nutritious egg. Those are the vegans and people who are advised by doctor not eat such.

Here are the basic standards for table eggs or the chicken egg. However, this does not apply to our Philippine native chickens.

Minimum Requirements

In all classes subject to special provisions for each class and tolerances allowed, the table egg must meet the following requirements:

1. It must be fresh
2. It must be clean and free from visible cracks;
3. It must be practically normal in shape; and
4. It must be free from foreign odors.

Classification and grading

Chicken eggs shall be grouped into two based on the color of shell. Each group shall be described as follows:

1. Whites – All eggs must be of the standard chalky white tolerating the very light cream tints.
2. Browns – All eggs must be apparently brown including the dark cream tints and any variation in the shade of brown eggshell.

Each group shall be divided into seven Classes Based on Weight (grams per egg) of each egg in group. Its different from US weight classes.

Jumbo = 70 and up
Extra large = 65-70
Large = 60-65
Medium = 55-60
Small = 50-55
Pullets = 45-50
Pewee = 40-45

The information was sourced from Philippine National Standard – Table Egg Specifications.

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