Philippine Standard Specifications for Peanut Butter


  • Peanut butter is the food prepared from good quality peanuts absolutely free from molds, by grinding properly shelled and roasted bleached peanuts, in which the germs may or may not be included or unblanched peanuts including the skin and germs to which maybe added safe and suitable seasoning and stabilizing
  • It shall have a medium brown color, spreadable, maybe moderately, but not excessively thin and stiff; in stabilized type, there maybe no more than slightly noticeable oil separation or in non-stabilized type, there maybe no excessive oil separation that causes noticeable dryness or that required more than moderate
    mixing to disperse the oil, free from objectionable flavors and aromas, and freefrom dark particles.
  • The seasoning and stabilizing ingredients shall not exceed 12 per cent of the weight of the finished product. The fat content shall not exceed 55%. It shall contain not more than 2 per cent water insoluble inorganic residue.
  • The seasoning and stabilizing ingredients referred to in paragraph (a) are substances that perform a useful function and are regarded as suitable except that artificial flavoring, artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives, added vitamins and color additives are not suitable ingredients of peanut butter. Stabilizing
    ingredients shall be hydrogenated vegetable oils including partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Label Statement of Optional Ingredients

  • If peanut butter is prepared from unblanched peanuts, the name shall show that fact by some such statement as “prepared from unblanched peanuts (skins left on) and such statement shall be printed in letters big enough to be seen under customary conditions of purchase or use and shall immediately proceed or follow the words “peanut butter” without intervening written, printed or graphic matter.
  • The label of peanut butter shall name, by their common names, the optional ingredients used. If hydrogenated vegetable oil is used, the label statement of optional ingredients shall include the words “hydrogenated ___________ oil” or “hardened oil”, the blank being filled in either with the names of the vegetable sources of the oil alternately with the word “vegetable” for example “hydrogenated peanut oil” or “hardened peanut and cottonseed oils” or “hydrogenated vegetable oil.”

This regulation shall take effect thirty (30) days after publication in the Official Gazette.

No. 228 s. 1974
Recommended by:
Food and Drug Administrator
Acting Secretary of Health

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