Philippine Standard Quality for Patis (Fish Sauce)

Department of Health published a regulation prescribing the standard of identity and quality of patis.
(Fish Sauce, Condiments, Sauces, Seasonings)


1. Identity: Patis is the clear liquid sauce, straw yellow to amber in color, obtained from the liquefaction of the mixture of fish or shrimp and common salt, and has a strong salty taste with traces of fishy odor.

2. Standard of Quality
a) specify gravity 1.21-1.22
b) Total Solids not less than 32%
c) Alkalinity of the water soluble ash of one gram of the original sample – not less than 1 and not more than 2 cubic centimeters of tenth normal acid.
d) Protein Content:
1) Extra Special Patis – Not less than 12%
2) Special Patis – not less than 10%
3) Regular Patis – not less than 6%

3. Statement of Substandard Quality
Patis whose protein content fails below the minimum standard requirement of 6% but not below 3% of protein, shall be labeled “Patis Below Standard” or “Patis Flavor”. Any similar food products containing protein less than 3% are no longer considered patis and should not be allowed to be offered for sale under the name of “Patis Below Standard.”

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