Philippine Standard for Wine, Beer, Brandy, Vodka and Whiskey

Basically, there are six types of wine.

1. Dry, Semi-dry and Sweet wine
2. Fortified and Unfortified wine
3. Sparkling wine, Still wine (effervescent of non-effervescent) and carbonated wine
4. Red and white wines
5. Special or Medicinal wines
6. Basi

Standard Specifications for Wine

Wine . The product made from natural alcoholic fermentation of a wide variety of sugary materials including juices extracted from flowers, fruits, herbs, etc. containing not less than 9% but not more than 16% alcohol by volume.

Dry wine. A wine which contains less than 1 gram of sugar in 100 ml at 20 degree C.

Sweet Wine. Wine which contains not more than 8 grams of sugar in 100 ml at 20 degree C.

Semi-dry Wine. A wine which contains not less than 1 gram but not more than 8 grams of sugar in 100ml at 20 degree C.

Fortified Wine. Wine which derive some of it alcoholic content from fermentation and some from the addition of distilled spirits. It contains more than 15% and not more than 22% alcohol.

Unfortified Wine. Wine whose alcoholic content is derived solely from fermentation.

Sparkling Wine. Wine bottled before the fermentation has ceased so that it contains carbon dioxide gas solution with a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. It may also be impregnated with CO2 by allowing the wine to undergo fermentation process in closed tanks and bottling under pressure or by simply carbonation the bottled wine under pressure.

Carbonated Wine. Wine which is rendered effervescent by imprenating CO2 and is designated as carbonated.

Still wine. Wine whose fermentation has been completed before bottling so that it contains only such proportion of the carbon dioxide produced in the fermentation as can remain dissolved in the liquid in equilibrium with the air under condition of manipulation.

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