Philippine Standard for Wine, Beer, Brandy, Vodka and Whiskey

White Wine. Wine produced by fermentation of the juice extracted from fruits, flowers, herbs, etc. before the fermentation has proceed to a point when pigment becomes soluble. Actually, white wine is never really colorless. It ranges in color from a pale straw or green to a gold color, and in the case of cherry, from light to a dark amber.

Red Wine. Wine which contains the extracted pigment from skin, stem and seeds of fruits, flowers herbs. The color of red wine ranges from purplish to pale pink.

Special or Medicinal Wine. Wine which is a mixture of refined alcohol, sugar and herbs. I has an alcohol content of not less than 40 proof.

Basi. The fermented juice of sugar cane with a characteristic brown color, bitter taste and aroma imparted by the dried leaves, bark, twigs and flowers of the tree called “samak”.

Standard Specifications for Vodka

Vodka shall be the distilled alcoholic beverage made from neutral spirit which may be obtained from fermented grain, potato, or any other source of fermentable carbohydrates in such a manner that the distillate is free from color and odor. It shall be free from suspended solids. The alcohol content shall be 42.85, 40.01 or 37.15 percent by volume, ABV.

Standard Specifications for Whiskey

Whiskey. A spirit suitably aged on wood, obtained from the distillation of fermented mash of grain.

Blended Whiskey. A mixture containing at least 20% by volume of 100 proof straight whiskey and separately or in combination of whiskey or neutral spirit. The mixture at the time of bottling is not less than 65 proof.

Compound Whiskey. The product obtained by mixing neutral spirits or alcohol distilled from and any material at above 190 proof with whiskey or essence, permissible flavorings and coloring materials. And which at the time of bottling the alcohol content is not less than 65 proof.

Straight Whiskey. One that has been distilled off at proof not exceeding 160, aged in a new charred white oak barrel for at least two years and reduced by addition of water at the time of bottling to not lower than 80 proof. Nothing may be added other than water.

Malt Whiskey. The alcoholic distillate produced from fermented mass of malted or unmalted cereals or a mixture of both.


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