Philippine Standard for Wine, Beer, Brandy, Vodka and Whiskey

Standard Specifications for Beer

Beer. The product of the alcoholic fermentation of a mash in potable water of malted barley, hops and or hop preparations, with or without the addition of starchy and saccharine material, and contains not less than 2.0% by weight alcohol.

Pale Pilsen. Beer that is brewed from pilsen malt, not caramelized.

Dark Beer. Beer brewed from malt containing caramelized malt.

Standard Specifications for Brandy

Brandy. An alcoholic distillate obtained solely from fermented juice of fresh, ripe and sound grapes.

Fruit Brandy. An alcoholic liquor distilled from wine or fermented juice of peaches, apples, cherries, and other fruits and other materials.

Blended Brandy. A mixture of at least 5% grape brandy with other brandies or neutral spirits.

Compound Brandy. A product obtained by mixing neutral spirits or alcohol with brandy essences, with permissible coloring and flavoring materials.

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