Bubod Pineapple Wine Final Update

After over three weeks time. I visited the bubod pineapple wine trial again. No bubble formations observed. It ceased, signalling fermentation end.

The smell. The aroma was like a strong wine. The taste. It had a good wine taste, a taste resembling fruit cider. It was good if not too sour. Well, it is good if I label it as vinegar.

fermented pineapple bubod

Where did the sour taste came from? Maybe I was too careless. The pineapple juice got contaminated during the process. Or the bubod itself was also responsible for sour taste.

I guess I need to repeat this crude method in a more scientific manner. Well, the main purpose of this trial is to know whether the stored bubod was still viable or not. Trying to get a good tasting wine was supposed to be a bonus.


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