What is the Optimal Acidity for Fruit Wines

Why do we need to adjust wine acidity? Many wine making beginners just follow the major rule: adjust sugar content to 25 Brix for sweet wine and 20 Brix for dry wine. But often fail to adjust acidity.

Acidity provides the crisp, slightly tart taste of wine on your palate. Too little acid, and your wine tastes flabby and non-committal. Too much acid, and your taste buds scream for relief. When acids are properly countered by the other ingredients in wine (such as alcohol, sugars, trace minerals, etc.), the wine is said to be “in balance”, which is the desired end result of all winemakers.

Following should be the optimal titrable acidity for wine.

Dry White Wine = 0.65 % – 0.75 %
Sweet White Wine = 0.70 % – 0.85 %
Dry Red Wine = 0.60 % – 0.70 %
Sweet Red Wine = 0.65 % – 0.80 %
Sherry Grape Wines = 0.50 % – 0.60 %
Non-grape White Wines = 0.55 % – 0.65 %
Non-grape Red Wines = 0.50 % – 0.60 %
values was source from jackkeller.

Detailed procedures for titrable acidity determination can be found here.  Necessary adjustments can be computed using Pearson’s square formula.


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