The Old Bubod Viability Update

a continuation of my previous experiment…

After seven days. I accidentally noticed that the PET bottle where I filled the mixture of pineapple juice, old bubod and sugar was beginning to bulge. Perhaps the bubod yeast began feeding on sugar and producing carbon dioxide. Maybe I closed the cap too tight that gas was building up inside.

Due to bulging, the bottle cap has reached the shelf sealing and started pushing down the glass rack. It will break for sure If I never noticed.

I removed the PET bottle from shelf carefully and loosened its cap. The rush of escaping air caused the juice to spray around wetting the floor and my hand. It smelled like pineapple wine.

bubbling fermenting pineapple wine

….. Yes! My old bubod is still good for fermenting wine. I am hoping for a nice tasting wine. Few weeks more and I can have a taste of it.

See Bubod Pineapple Wine Final Update.


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