Distillation of Lambanog – Infographic

I created this infographic in response to my previous post “Proper Lambanog Processing”. It was a laboratory setup but the method is exactly similar to traditional coconut vodka distillation done beside riverbanks.

(Click image for larger view)

wine distillation setup

You can get alcohol hydrometer at your nearest Laboratory Supplies. The one used for this infographic was bought for 750 pesos. If you have enough budget, wine refractometer is a more expensive alternative but it is easier to use.

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  1. Hi Marvin
    We are looking at setting up a commercial lambanog processing and distillation facility here in Papua New Guinea, can you suggest who I should contact to engage on a consultancy basis that would assist.

  2. I soaked pasas, sliced apple, sliced chico, grapes and bubble gum to my lambanog. And its been a month. Until when it will expire or safe to drink? Thanks

      1. Thank you. One more question please. My soaked lambanog was put in a galon of mineral water. When I checked the lid of my lambanog, it’s broken and its been open maybe for 3 days. Is it still ok? It has a little moist. ^_^

        1. if there is no change in color and taste, then it is probably fine. I suggest using a stronger container next time. A glass galon/bottle is preferred in international community.

  3. pano po gumawa ng flavored lambanog?like langka pinya.strawberry and pasas?safe po b lgyan ng food color ang pure lambanog?at pano po mlalaman kung puro o hindi ang nbiling lambanog..xenxa n po dme tanong..my tnda po kc kme lambanog..tnx po!w8 ko po reply nyo..

    1. You can easily make lambanog by infusing / soaking the flavor of choice in pure lambanog. Let say soak the chewing gum, / and or pineapple slices, apple slices, langka, prunes, grapes and others.

      There are ways to know if the coconut spirit is pure or not. It might be easy or hard depending or your resources and budget. Metal oxide arrays or electronic noses can differentiate between a known pure lambanog versus the one in question. Another way is to use expert taster or expert lambanog drinker. He can easily determine if it is adulterated or not depending on extent of his expertise.

      Okay, What I have just explained are YES or NO answers only. Determining the percentage adulteration is next to imposibility. Maybe it is, in the very far future when humans are already ruled by robots.

    1. The flavoring is normally done by soaking the desired flavor to lambanog. Soak bubble gum, pasas, pineapple and apple in finished lambanog product. Soaking time will depend on how much flavor you want to impart.

      It is not practical to apply flavor during distillation process.

  4. Where could I buy a complete set up of alcohol distillation set-up as shown in the image? How much it would cost?

    1. You can buy the setup from laboratory equipment suppliers such as:

      Contact Person: Mrs Carren Joy B. Rentillo
      Address: 7487 Bagtikan Street San Antonio Village Makati 1203
      Telephone 0063 2 8957236 0063 2 8966658
      Fax 0063 2 8977732


      Business Type: Importer/distributor of analytical instruments & supplies, laboratory, medical/hospital equipments & supplies, and chemical reag
      531 San Rafael St. Mandaluyong City, NCR – Second District 1550
      Tel: 532-0445
      Fax: 532-5957

      Other contacts can be found at nearest college or university cause they are the one who are frequently in touch with them. Acquisition cost may vary from 3,000 pesos to 10,000 pesos or more. However, the whole setup can be a low-cost improvised project.

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