Palawan Danggit

fried dangit

Palawan is known for three things. The first is cashew. The delicious and ever expensive cashew nuts. I was also hearing and seeing cashew wine back then. However, I never got positive response when I asked residents about it. . The second is dangit.  Perhaps we all know what cashew is but the second thing […]

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Disposable Spoons: Why We Still Use It?

Before, I always used plastic spoon and fork whenever eating in fast food resto. They were serving food with disposables so I had no choice. A little bigger than metal counterparts. Slightly pliable and too fragile. Breaks easily and often need to ask for replacement. Sharp edges are rare find that sometimes enough to bruise […]

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Camote Turon and Camote Chips

camote chips

It is a common turon. There is nothing special. I just changed minor details like omitting sugar and replacing jackfruit slice with boiled camote. Thanks to Dennis for sharing the idea. I thought frying duration is not enough to soften the raw camote. I boiled it to softness first then discard the peels. I prepared […]

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The Bitter Sugar Tax

Sugar Tax may actually do more harm than good. Just like Sin Tax on alcohol and cigarettes and the proposed salt tax. It is meant to raise governments revenue collection while forcing our citizens to practice healthy lifestyle. The true purpose is raising government revenue, for all we know. Health concern is nothing but excuse. […]

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Why Junk Foods Are Cheap?

Stiff competition. We are born with a sweet tooth and perhaps a salty tooth too. We love sweets like soft drinks, instant juice drinks, candies, chocolates and ice cream. Some even occasionally eat pure sugar crystals. We are also fond of eating salty snacks, potato, corn chips, fish crackers, chicharon and corn nut. We eat […]

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