Fruit and Veggie PLU Codes

just another fuji apple

I feel annoyed when apple has small sticker label. Often, after washing and began munching, a small piece of paper clings to my teeth. It is not biggie when I noticed beforehand. I simply scrape it off with knife. However, they are usually small and bear the same shade as the fruit skin. I guess, […]

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Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar bragg label

Ignoring the hearsay rules, I poured some apple cider vinegar in glass of instant orange juice. Still tasted like juice, only more sour. I drank it after breakfast. The hearsay rule. Dilute apple cider vinegar in plain water and drink it early in the morning, before breakfast. I obviously violated two. Mama bought an apple […]

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Cocoa Butter Leaks

cocoa butter tray marks

Why are all the trays dirty right before using. I need to wipe them hard with damp towel every time. I am sure, I have never used it on any other purpose except roasting dried and fermented cacao beans. Stacking and storing them dry right after every operation. Still, they are dirty before every roasting. […]

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Number of Local Grocery Stores is Dwindling

I have been noticing this trend for quite a while now. The number of locally operated groceries are dwindling and convenience store count grows so fast. In our town alone, there are three AlfaMart branches and two 7-eleven. When I said locally operated groceries, I mean those owned by single proprietors. Consisting of one to […]

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