Cocoa For Paint Job

cocoa painting

Painting with chocolate? Sounds not surprising. For people familiar with tempering technique, a paint brush, finger, cotton or whatever medium suitable could be coated with chocolate and painted to other food of choice. Bread, cakes, candies and the likes. What if we are referring to real paintings. The one which is hung on wall as […]

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Secondary Packaging as Display Shelf

carton as display shelf instructions

Don’t get the wrong idea. I am not promoting the consumption of instant noodles. I posted it because of the instruction embedded on the box side. It literally shows if the box is cut along the dotted lines, it can be used as display dispenser box. Food commodities are usually package within two containers. Primary […]

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Cocoa Bean Darkening

darkened cacao beans

During the bean cut test I made the previous time, I noticed darkening on parts of majority of the beans. Beans in questions have 30 percent dark region. I thought it was natural so I just let it go. Then while sorting beans for the next roasting batch, I spotted one bean with a severely […]

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Mashed Potato Expiry

mashed potato

I developed the habit of smelling foods before I put it into my mouth. Especially foods that got cold and those that came from restaurants. Surprisingly, this is the first time the mashed potato we ordered has a nice aroma. All the previous have somewhat musty odor. A smell similar to spoiled rice. At first, […]

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Apple Seed, Peel and Cancer …

pear seed

I hate seeing someone peeling apple before eating. Their reason is simple. The peel never tastes good. However, I saw Americans on tv eating apples with peels intact. I supposed the peel is perfectly edible and should be eaten. Not thrown away. It is true, the peel does not taste good. However, I developed the […]

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