Fake Biogesic

Another fake medicine is in circulation. Someone is using the brand Biogesic for their own evil gain. For me, doing something purely for the sake of money is simply evil. When a certain medicine is discovered. The person/company concerned may file a patent giving him an exclusive right to produce. Other parties should seek permission […]

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The Boiled Saba Banana

boiled saba banana with a bite

I have been wondering why I can eat two ripe saba banana without feeling anything. On the other hand one boiled and I feel so full. It has something to do with the water and starch content I think. With heat and water, starch in bananas coagulates resulting in increased weight and firmer texture. That’s […]

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Pasta Water

Are you still reminded not to throw away rice water (or the rice washing instead). Nutrients are thrown away with the water every rinse. It is best to save them and use for soup or for any soupy dish. Tinola, bulanglang and sopas. On the other hand. Soupy dish is not always provided every meal. […]

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The Cheese Bread Smells Moldy

cheese bread with a bite

Another cheese bread and yet another which smells like mold. However, there was no visible mold. Starting to grow I guess. Molds are use to make some cheese varieties. This sprinkled cheese perhaps is one of those. There is sure way of telling but I am not willing to wait and pay the price. This […]

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Bring Your Own Cup

Having a sip of hot coffee while on the go is sure relaxing. You satisfied your desire but how about mother earth. You gonna throw the disposable cup somewhere for sure. The effort of replacing styrofor and plastic cups with biodegradable paper is good already. At least it won’t stay on land for thousand of […]

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