Curing Ingrown

cotton inserted beneath ingrown

I suffered from toenail ingrown several years ago.

Here was the story.

Vanity strike. I often cut my toenail. When it grow back and tip started going farther away form the skin, dirt accumulate beneath. It was ugly and disgusting. I used to work in my father’s farm and soil were sticking like crazy. Keeping the toenails trimmed is a must.

Then untoward incident happened. Part of the toenail started growing beneath the skin. I was not sure if it was natural phenomenon or my negligence. Maybe the corners were trimmed improperly. Some pointed parts remained and growth build up thru the skin.

It was too late when I discovered the ailment. Both toenails on left and right feet had fierced deep enough to cause wound. It was painful. I couldn’t put on shoes. Walking was hard. Slight external force was causing extreme pain.

I spent hours cutting off the toenail that pierced through the skin and I almost screamed when I pulled it out. Take note that I worked on two ingrown.

I never wanted the same thing in the future. I took good care of cutting them. There was an ugly looking build up of flesh and skin around it. I let the toenail grow pass the point of build up so ingrown won’t happen again.

Few weeks passed and I did what I intended. My left and right toenails look ugly. Irregularly shaped with one side slightly pointed. Plus, dirt always got underneath and needed to be pricked often. At least, no more ingrown and no more painful toes.

Then, I accidentally stumbled to interesting infographic. That is how to naturally cure ingrown without undergoing surgery.

Surgery? I was glad mine never went that far.

About the treatment. It is very simple. It involves inserting damp cotton underneath the problem area. Doing it everyday for several weeks will get rid of the problem and return toes to its previous form.

My ingrown is no more but the toenails are ugly. The bulge muscle around it makes the appearance uglier.

Today, I am starting the treatment for vanity.

cotton inserted beneath ingrown

Has Anyone Tried the Vitamin B17 for Cancer Treatment?

While Vitamin B17 sounds truly new to me, it was not new to the world. According to, Vitamin B17 or laetrile was first used in Russia around mid 1800 to help cure cancer. Gained popularity in US by 1970s with more than 70,000 individual users. So it has been existing two centuries ago and became popular a decade before I was born.

Despite, it is not approved by FDA. It is illegal to sell such. Few animal studies shows it has anti-cancer activities but FDA feels the need of more proof.

There is no recommended dose of intake. Can be taken orally or intravenously. However, the problem lies on its legality. Selling is illegal so obtaining is rather hard. It is in black market trade.  If you get caught on middle of transaction, the seller will suffer the consequence while you can walk away free.

Selling is prohibited but possession is not. Plus, there is a natural and healthy way to obtain it. It is by eating fruit seeds like apricot, peach and apple. Those fruit seeds naturally contain high levels of laetrile. Feasting on the three fruits would be a wiser choice. Desperately getting your hands on oral preparation might put you in danger. Who knows what you might get is fake.

Intake has side effects. In some cases, it may cause nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, skin discoloration, liver damage, low blood pressure, mental confusion and in worse case death.

Maybe these reactions are due to high dose intake. But with the absence of authorities approval and recommended doses, it is hard to know what is less and what is over.

If we consider the words “to much of anything is bad”. The author of “gubayano 30 days treatment protocol” set a limit to it. It results to unwanted side effects when taken continuously beyond 30 days. has a post entitled “Vitamin B17 Is Banned Because It Cures Cancer”. It includes a video where a woman testifies she cured five tumors after Vitamin B17 treatment.

I like his title construction because it is exactly how I think. Perhaps, most people feel the same way. Cancer treatment industry is a huge business and proliferation of cheap and natural cures would kill it.

On contrary, after the graviola fruit became popular as natural cancer cure, other fruits, herbs and formulas that claims to cure cancer are popping like mushrooms.  It is hard to determine which are true and which are lies.  Trying them all relentlessly would do more harm than good.

Radon, Naturally Occuring Cancer Causing Substance

Too much sun exposure may cause skin cancer. Until yesterday, I’ve always though that it is the only natural force of nature that causes. It boggled me to discover one more, the radon.

It is cancer causing radioactive gas. It cannot be seen, smelt or tasted. It is like notorious criminal. It will rob and injure you suddenly without warning.

Radon became one of the leading cause of lung cancer in the US. It is the number one cause among the non-smokers, according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimate. Younger population are at higher risk. Cigarette smoking and high radon levels put the smoker at higher risk. That is due to synergistic action of cigarette smoke and radon.

Where can be found?

It is naturally occuring radioactive gas which comes from natural breakdown of uranium, through another atom known as radium. Found in igneous rock and soil, and water in some case.

US has maps showing danger zones. I cannot find any for Philippines. Maybe we are safer or maybe not. Or, maybe we are not giving it enough attention. Dirty politics is more important to us.

Chances are we are already inhaling it since time immemorial. For emphasis, we have here igneous rock, soil and water.

Concerned? Add it as one of criteria when choosing place to build home. In case you are already settled, there are ways to check radon emmision and control it to acceptable levels.

Additional note:

Staying in confined area such as caves and poorly ventilated building underground increase the risk of radon exposure.

More resources:

Siling Labuyo, Sea Salt and Fertilized Eggs as Diabetes Cure

Diabetes is not cause by eating sweets. Instead, it is caused by lack of six specific minerals, namely:

1) vanadium
2) copper
3) zinc
4) manganese
5) chromium
6) Gymnema sylvestre

The last one is plant, not mineral. I repeated the video several times and I am sure I heard it correct.

If your body has the six, you can eat candies, chocolates and all the sweets you want without the risk of elevated blood sugar.

Then he stated the guaranteed five minutes diabetic cure. I mean if experiencing elevated blood sugar attack. This formula will get it back to normal in just five minutes.

1) Get 12 pieces native chilis or siling labuyo.
2) Chopped finely.
3) Put in glass with two pieces fresh raw eggs. Mix well.
4) Add 1/2 teaspoon sea salt.
5) Drink straight.
6) Drink water after.

Do this on full stomach to counteract chili hotness.

Eggs should be fertilized eggs. Those that came from grocery shelves and sari-sari stores are table eggs. Nearby hatchery and native chicken farms are good source of these.

It can also help cure kidney problems, he added.

So it is not a cure. A temporary remedy instead.

The statement was made by Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco, Doctor of Metabolic Medicine. An 82 year old Filipino Doctor. It was aired by Panay News/Reklamo Publiko. Uploaded to Facebook Page of Pinay Astig.

My First 3D Printer

delta printer

Finally I got my first 3d printer. It was not working perfectly out of the box. The other with that features cost ten folds more. What I acquired was a starter tinker kit. It had all the parts and materials to get started with but I had to do the assembly, testing and calibration by myself. It was okay. Tinkering is my kind of thing.

I was reading the manual and watching videos while assembling parts slowly and carefully. Often looking back and check to make sure all were in right place.

After one and half day of diligence. I powered the machine for the first time with no problem. No smoking and failing electronic component. My only problem so far was the hard to adjust belt. I think I must make modification very soon. I ran auto leveling several times and adjusting belt tension in between.

No test print yet. The free filament is too short for testing.

What is 3d printer for? Is it usefull for blogging? Not really but it will help me a lot in machine prototyping.

I remember the days when I was creating first cocoa bean cracker prototype. I often spending long time in machine shop for a custom part. Next day testing. Then re-design. A day in machine shop again. Or cutting and filing the part manually. It saved on service cost but often result to inaccurate part.

This machine will help me beat those hurdles.

delta printer

34.78 Tons Bananas Gone as Compost

Getting product reject is one of the worse case that might happen. Well, it cannot be helped. Even after all the careful and strict practices, substandard products can only be minimized but not avoided.

If the product under reject status simply does not comform to specifications and no threat to human health. Then, it can be brought back to plant for reprocessing. It is the routine. There is additional processing and transportation cost, but at least, the product is recovered.

It is the case when produce is still in facility or distributed in local. However, it is a completely different story when it is exported abroad. Seminar resource persons often told, when Japan found the imported product is substandard, the whole shipment will be immediately dump to sea. No negotiation and without prior notice. You have just lost a hefty amount of cash. Need to work extra hard to recover. posted on March 26, 2016. About 34.78 tons substandard bananas where destroyed and dumped to landfill in Shenzen City, China. Poor bananas, gone as compost.

Why it was declared as substandard? Test samples was found to have excessive pesticide residue, carbendazim. No exact value was reported. Maybe not all babanas were substandard, but testing batch majority is not industry practice. If one sample is found bad, the whole cargo will be considered bad. It is like a white bond paper with dot on middle. Not every part is dirty but a single dot makes it unclean as a whole.

Carbendazim is a fungicide with many recorded recored health effects. Listing them all here will create a wall of text even I don’t want to read. The maximum pesticide residue limit (MPRL) is 0.1 to 0.7 mg/kg. Use in some countries is unlawful.

The shipment amounted to 33 thoudand USD or a little more than 1.5 million pesos. That was a lot of cost to recover.