The Inigang Alimasag and The Real Fish Cracker

Inigang Alimasag

The popular dish for alimasag is ginataan. Mom always cook it as ginataan. Type “alimasag recipe” on google and most results might show ginataang alimasag. On the other hand, the simplest way to cook this crab is to boil it plain until almost no water is left – the inigang alimasag. Crab is yummy and salty by nature so why add other ingredients? Just try it plain.

inigang alimasag

Real Fish Cracker

Tired of fish crackers with lots of corn starch / flour and fish flavor?  You heard it right, most fish crackers in the market are not real fish. Manufacturers are just mixing flour and flavorings to make a fake fish crackers.

These two are the real fish crackers. The appearance is a real fish. The taste is a real fish. Slightly salty and very crunchy. Perfect as fish cracker snack.

real fish cracker

You can find it at dry fish section. I never know its real name. They are saying its ayungin.

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