Alugbati in Ginisang Mungo

I think the alugbati vine I planted has grown enough. I was glad it is resistant to chicken infestation and able to tolerate low water supply. It managed growing despite of consistent chicken feeding and months of continued dryness. Several long stalks were over the bamboo fence while others were crawling down the canal.

After almost three months of waiting, I guessed it was time to have a taste of these malabar spinach. I asked her to get some and cook it for lunch.

She cooked it with ginisang mungo.

alugbati in ginisang mungo

The mungo dish became slimy. Perhaps caused by alugbati. The broad leaves became crumpled while the thick stem became 50% thinner. I would suspect it for camote tops if I never knew. An intermittent astringent smell was noticeable. The sauteed mungo tasted good but it was not alugbati that made it taste delectable.

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  1. ginataang monggo with alugbati is superb. i never knew that gata can be added to monggo. but my room mate from Butuan cooked it for dinner and i really love it plus the alugbati that impart a distinct flavor.
    Hi sir marvin. i love visiting this blog from time to time. i am a food science student and your blog are so full of practical information. More power to your endeavor!

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