The Avocado Ice Candy

Most ice candy for sale are made only to earn profits, temporarily quench thirst, short period cold comfort and not to delight the consumer taste buds. The homemade versions have little sweetness and little flavors. Too little buko, melon, milk, ube, camote and or mungo. They are watery and clear crunchy water crystals are visible. The mass produced frosty version comes in assorted colors but are made of water, colorant, sugar and artificial flavors. The most decent I have ever tasted is the milk melon flavored which I occasionally buy from nearby public market.

The tastiest ice candy is the one I made. Perhaps the tastiest for you is your own creation. I specially prefer avocado ice candy, mixture of mashed avocado, sugar and evaporated milk.

I eat ripe avocado by slicing it to halves. Removing the seeds and the leftover seed testa. Topping the center with brown sugar and scooping it out with a spoon. The peel looks like a cup and it serves its purpose well. I rarely eat mashed avocado but I love it frozen.

To prepare avocado ice candy: Select ripe avocados. Ripe are usually dark brown and soft. Unripe to rare ripe taste bitter. Slice to halves. Remove the seeds. Scoop out the pulp gently and try to avoid any occasional hard part. Mix desired amount of sugar and milk. Mashed thoroughly. Pack in ice candy bags. Use funnel to facilitate packing.

ripe avocado halvesmashed avocado added with milk and sugarunfrozen avocado ice candy

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