A Nicer Way to Serve Avocado Fruit

My professor asked us what is the favorite fruit of each of us. Each student stood one by one and cited his favorite fruit. Then one of my classmate said her favorite is avocado fruit. Professor reacted – she hated avocado very much and she have never eaten a single avocado fruit ever since. She explained that mashed avocado fruit looks like _______ — the one we expel regularly every morning.

I eat it but I never like mashed avocado. It is indeed looks like a  ___. The fruit is very delectable but I simply can’t take it inside my mouth every time its look alike comes in my head.

Big brother loves avocado very much and it doesn’t matter how it looks like. He is well aware that I hate mashed avocado. He always mash his avocado so I can’t  have some of it. I think he is not greedy. He just don’t want to give me some.

This is how I prepare avocado. I bet my former professor will also like it.

1) Choose ripe avocado fruit. Avoid too soft fruit as much as possible. Also avoid opening a rare ripe cause its taste is still bitter.
2) Cut to halves but take care not to slice the big seed. Remove the seed. Plant it in garden if desired.
3) Remove the peel of each half. Slice into cubes and place in a bowl.
4) Add evaporated milk and some sugar.
5) Serve.

avocado halves

avocado cubes with sugar and milk

I never planted the avocado seed in garden. I placed it in refrigerator. I am curious if it can be eaten. I gonna do some googling tomorrow.

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