Avoid Food With Artificial Colorings, Petroleum Based Dyes

Our baby boy is nearing 11 months old. He can eat almost any food he wants: rice, squash, banana, apple, biscuits, wafers, crackers, orange, mango and papaya. However, we are not giving him all sort of food stuffs, we are avoiding junk foods such as  plain carbohydrate crackers, jellies, gummy candies, instant juice drinks and anything with artificial food colors. colorful dots

Those food culprits cause nutrition imbalance cause they contain only carbohydrates, nothing but calories. Sometimes they have added vitamins and minerals, good for the body but I am sure its not enough. Plus most of the colorful snacks contain preservatives and artificial colors that are closely linked to ADHD.

ADHD is an acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders. Lidy Pelsser stated the main cause of ADHD is food. The major culprits are foods with petroleum based dyes such as Yellow 5 and Red 40. ADHD symptoms are inattentiveness, hyperactivity, impulsivity and fidgeting. Sixty-four percent of kids diagnosed with the illness are hypertensive to certain foods.

If your child is restless and hard to handle, he might have ADHD. Ten percent of children in the US have such symptoms. Filipinos might have more than ten percent figures. We Filipinos are born with sweet tooth, we like anything sweet.

According to Guy Raz, ADHD is not a disease – just symptoms.

Healthy balance diet have a very significant result in reducing symptoms of ADHD. Eat right and be healthy.

FDA is considering to set a warning labels to foods with artificial coloring in them.  Sounds good to consuming public. Anyone can easily determine which food should be avoided. However, this will have a significant bad impact to manufacturers, a downward shoot in sales. They better find natural foods colors that have no side effects.


Warning labels denied: Fifty seven percent of FDA advisory panel voted against placement of warning labels on foods with petroleum based dyes. Maybe scientific evidences are not enough to convince the majority of panel members.

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