Avoid Feeding Bottles with Code 7, Bisphenol A?

I have a previous article about the possible side effects Bisphenol A. The substance combined in making in making polycarbonate resin –  for making food containers, such as returnable beverage bottles, infant feeding (baby) bottles, tableware (plates and mugs) and storage containers. The article is about Bisphenol A as endocrine disruptor, it may affect human reproductive systems.

The recent new from GMA7 was somewhat conclusive. The culprit chemical is bad fro growing child. It may also cause heart problems and diabetics. According to studies of University of the Philippines Institute of Biology, Bisphenol A causes low sperm count to rats. The animals under study also suffered smaller sex organs.

The troublesome substance may leach into baby milk formula if boiled for 20 to 30 minutes. The use of bottled mineral or distilled water in formula preparation avoids heating of bottles. However, baby feeding bottle sterilization involves dipping it in boiling water.

The use of Bisphenol A is prohibited  in most countries but not currently regulated in Philippines, the law that should stop its entry is still in pending review.

To avoid Bisphenol A, feeding bottles and other plastics with the recycling code of number 7 should be avoided.

Its too bad, almost all of my baby’s feeding bottles has number 7 code. I should replace them all immediately.



update as of June 19, 2016:

Low level BPA exposure is safe according to FDA. See “FDA Approved Number 7 Juice Bottle ?

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  1. uses http://www.drmarchese.com/images/The_truth_about_plastic_water_bottles.pdf
    as a reference. Everyone should be avoiding plastics coded with a
    #1,#3,#6 and #7..all of which leach chemicals into the contents that act directing upon the human animal, they are targets to.
    Further more the Philippines Dept of Health should have already acted to out law the use of those plastics. But again that would be smart and in the public’s best interest. Something governments are not known for doing.!

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