Liquid Smoke for Making Bacon

I have an article about how to make liquid smoke. Real smoke can be applied directly to products but some are not suitable for the process.

Liquid smoke can be used as an ingredient to sausages in smoke impermeable casings in order to achieve a certain degree of smoke flavour. As impermeable casings do not allow the penetration of gaseous smoke, liquid smoke can be added to the sausage mix during the manufacturing process.

This process is using liquid smoke for bacon making instead of applying the real one. Liquid version has some advantages. It can be applied directly as an ingredient. Ease of use. Showering the product with liquid smoke is more effective. And less waste of materials because excess can be reused.

Enjoy watching ! Please report if broken!

The manufacturer of this bacon should state liquid smoke as their ingredients. On the other hand, smoke as ingredient is not necessary if real smoke will be used for cooking.

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