The Balimbing Fruit Enzymes

Fruits grow bigger, mature, ripen, fall to ground and rot. It may fall prematurely due to insect attact, strong wind, picking birds, civet cats, diseases and humans. In most cases, humans are destined to harvest them, eat for themselves, sell for money and save some for planting.

I am noticing, the balimbing fruits nearby keep on falling and no one dare  to get one.  No one except me.  I am picking one or two everyday. It never taste bad but never taste good either. The reason why very few are interested.

I eat it but cannot do more than one in a row, so I am saving these few for my next project, the balimbing fruit enzymes. I am hoping this would be a nice addition to the balimbing product  line up, balimbing prunes, juice, wine and the enzyme.

I did: 1) a quick slicing, 2) rough 3 to 1 measure [balimbing slices to sugar], 4) filling to bottle in alternate fashion, and 5) cover. Then, then next thing to do is wait for at least two weeks.

balimbing slices and sugar in bottles========

Update as of January 28, 2013

The white sugar extracted the water out of balimbing slices. The balimbing slices shrunk. The white sugar was liquified. The full bottle contents were reduced to almost half. Bubbles were rising and popping at water surface, a proof that natural fruit flora was fermenting the mixture.

balimbing slices syrup bottle fermentAfter removing the cap, I noticed a slightly off smell. It was like a fallen and rotten balimbing. I hesitated but still dared trying. Hmmm… It was an improved balimbing taste.

I filtered the balimbing slices and filled the juice into separate bottle.

balimbing fruit enzymeHow to use? You can use it to sweeten your next cup of coffee or milk, or just dilute with water and drink as …

I think these slices will not go to waste basket. It is slightly sweet, slightly sour and chewy. I am going to dry it under the sun. I am expecting a balimbing prunes mini.

fermented balimbing slices


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